Useful information

  • Our objectives
  • Indications for home detoxification
  • Advantages of home detoxification
  • Home detoxification service includes
  • What happens during the home visit?
  • We guarantee

  1. To offer high-quality and compliant with Latvian and EU legislation medical help to people suffering from alcohol dependence
  2. To organise educational events open to public
  3. To implement complex measures to prevent pathological drinking and psychotropic substance abuse, and reduce the risk of dependency relapse
  4. To restore family relationships and improve client’s relationships with other important to them people
  5. 24-hour emergency medical assistance at home in the event of acute alcohol withdrawal
  6. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our home detoxification service is available in Baltic States, and can also be arranged on a case-by-case basis in EU countries.


  • Mild or moderate alcohol withdrawal syndrome
  • Mild or moderate alcohol intoxication
Prolonged (several days) alcohol substance abuse can lead to development of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, where symptoms include hand tremor, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and insomnia; in some cases in may lead to hallucinations. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be dangerous and provoke development of further psychotic (hallucinations), cardiogenic (hypertensive crisis, myocardial infarctions) and neurological complication. Therefore, sudden abstinence from alcohol can be very difficult and dangerous for people with tendency for alcohol addiction and underlying health problems. Mild alcohol withdrawal syndrome can often be deal with without medical assistance. In cases of moderate to severe withdrawal syndrome medical help, either in the community or in the hospital, is highly desirable – especially if patient has underlying health conditions.
Always remember that not every patient can benefit from home detoxification. If the doctor deems that treatment at home can be dangerous and ineffective, patient will be strongly advised to make use of hospital services as an inpatient.

  • Comfort of own home
  • Family support
  • 24 hour free phone consultations
  • Easy of arrangement of further outpatient treatment.


  • Patient’s physical examination
  • Drug therapy (IV fluids, oral or IV drugs)
  • Monitoring of patient’s condition
  • Counselling help to patient and their family to help dealing with dependency issues
  • Arrangement of further outpatient treatment.


 Our on-duty doctor will contact you shortly after receiving a phone call or a filled-in questionnaire (typically within 30 minutes after the phone call or within 12 hours after the questionnaire)
  • You should be ready to answer the following questions:
  • How old you are?
  • What is your weight?
  • Do you have any underlying health conditions?
  • Do you have known allergies to any medication?
  • How long have you used alcohol (or other psychotropic substances) for?
  • What and how much of it have you used?
  • When was the last time you have used it?
  • Do you consent to the treatment?
  • It is mandatory for the patient receiving the treatment to consent to it.
  • The doctor assesses the answers and decides on the suitability of home detoxification. The doctor has the right to refuse a home visit and forward the patient to the emergency medical assistance if client’s health condition is severe and requires hospitalisation
  • The home visit takes place:
  • In Riga – typically within 1 hour after the call back from the on-duty doctor
  • In areas surrounding Riga – typically within 1,5 hours after the call back from the on-duty doctor
  • In Latvia – typically within 2-4 hours after the call back from the on-duty doctor
  • In the Baltic states and the rest of EU – timescales agreed on a case-by-case basis

  • Privacy
  • Highly qualified medical assistance
  • Experienced and qualified doctors
  • Individual approach
  • Fast and reliable service.