24-hour emergency medical assistance

at home

Call +371 23 777 300 at any time of the day

Alcohol detoxification

We provide emergency medical assistance in the community for alcohol withdrawal cases, and if required provide assistance with admission to hospital

Doctor's home visit

Visit of an anesthesiologist-resuscitator, narcologist and consultations at home.

Scheduled outpatient treatment

Specialists providing further outpatient treatment follow deontology principles and ethics. Treatment process is fully confidential. All our staff are certified professionals with years of experience in treatment of alcohol dependence

Home detoxification service

Physical examination of the patient, drug therapy (intravenous fluids, p / o and intravenous drugs), monitoring of the patient's condition, addiction counseling.

Treatment of the consequences of alcohol consumption at home

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alcohol   test

Alcoholism treatment

Indications for home detoxification

Prolonged (several days) alcohol substance abuse can lead to development of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, where symptoms include

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be dangerous and provoke development of further psychotic (hallucinations), cardiogenic (hypertensive crisis, myocardial infarctions) and neurological complication. Therefore, sudden abstinence from alcohol can be very difficult and dangerous for people with tendency for alcohol addiction and underlying health problems. Mild alcohol withdrawal syndrome can often be deal with without medical assistance. In cases of moderate to severe withdrawal syndrome medical help, either in the community or in the hospital, is highly desirable – especially if patient has underlying health conditions.
Always remember that not every patient can benefit from home detoxification. If the doctor deems that treatment at home can be dangerous and ineffective, patient will be strongly advised to make use of hospital services as an inpatient.

How does   alcohol detoxify at home happen?

Phone call or filling in a questionnaire
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30 minutes after the call
or within 12 hours after filling in the questionnaire
You will be contacted by our doctor on duty
You must be prepared to answer the following questions:
How old are the patient?
What's the patients weight?
What side effects is the patient experiencing?
Is there a green intolerance?
How long have you been drinking alcohol or other EIAs? What is used and in what amount?
When was the last time you used it?
Do you want this help yourself. It is imperative that the patient receiving the service agrees to this procedure.
30 minutes after the call
or within 12 hours after filling in the questionnaire
The doctor makes a decision
The doctor assesses the answers and decides on the suitability of home detoxification. The doctor has the right to refuse a home visit and forward the patient to the emergency medical assistance if client’s health condition is severe and requires hospitalisation
Within 1 to 4 hours
Doctor's home visit
Riga - 1 hour time after a doctor on call.
Riga region - 1.5 hours time after a doctor on call.
The territory of Latvia - 2-4 hours. time after a doctor on call.
Within 1 to 4 hours